Welcome to Rjukan Food Festival

Rjukan Food Festival offers high quality food and drink provided by local producers, chefs and restaurants – in a summery and pleasant atmosphere. From 8th to 16th of July we will host the third edition in Rjukan town Square. Dont miss it!

Traditions meet the present

Festival atmosphere in summer breeze

Festival days with sun, heat, quality food and drinks are something most people appreciate. From stalls all over the square, delicious and tasty goodies are served from local farmers and producers. 

Cheerful music

There will be elements of live music during the days, with musicians who really know how to set the tone for a good meal. We guarantee a pleasant atmosphere when the electric guitar is tapped and the piano plays in both major and minor.


Opening hours

Saturday:11.00AM – 01.00AM
Sunday: 11.00AM – 05.00PM
Monday :11.00AM – 05.00PM
Tuesday: 11.00AM – 05.00PM
Wednesday: 11.00AM-05.00PM
Thursday: 11.00AM-01.00AM
Friday: 11.00AM – o1.00AM
Saturday: 11.00AM-01.00AM
Sunday: 11.00AM – 03.00PM

Food serving closing at 11.00AM
Children area & Farmers market closing at 05.00PM.

For more information, please contact us: post@rjukanmatfestival.no